Sarah Xie





Sarah Xie, serving as the Secretary of RDYO’s Board of Directors, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the organization. With proficiency in both the piano and pipa, she actively contributes to the facility committee and manages the music library. Having been a part of RDYO since 2015 and on the Board for over seven years, her commitment shines through her diverse roles, including volunteer management, fundraising, event planning, and document translation. Her decision to join the Board was driven by a desire to actively support rehearsals and concerts while gaining a deeper understanding of the organization’s structure.
Sarah’s motivation to involve her children in the orchestra arises from her own experiences as a pianist and a belief in the transformative power of group music education. She values the friendships and collaborative skills that the orchestra setting fosters and brings a strong sense of friendliness to the RDYO Board. Through her contributions, she continually enhances the organization’s ability to thrive.