Update: September 25, 2020 September 25, 2020

As we prepare to transition to in-person rehearsals in October, we are sharing the following form with information regarding our Health and Safety plan for the coming year. 


In this form, you will find your agreement for in-person rehearsals, information regarding division managers, as well as the media consent form. Our safety plan is also linked in the form. Filling out this form is required for all families prior to attending in-person rehearsals. This form can be filled out per family, and does not need to be submitted for each individual musician.
Prior to every in-person rehearsal, each musician must also fill out an individual screening form. The link to this form will be sent to you directly prior to your first in-person rehearsal. 

I look forward to seeing you at our AGM this coming Saturday, September 26th at 10am. Please email admin@rdyo.ca for the link to access zoom.

RDYO First Rehearsal Update September 17, 2020

Hello RDYO Families, 

We are very excited to let you know that we have secured the details for opening our Richmond Delta Youth Orchestra 50th season. We hope your return to school has been smooth, and that you are ready for Orchestra rehearsals to resume this Saturday, September 19th. While obviously things will “look” different we know that this will be a remarkable season of music making in very unique circumstances. We are thrilled to have the amazing conductors, management staff and you – our musicians and families – to make this happen.  

As you know from previous emails we will be using a hybrid- remote and in-person – model to ensure safety and allow for families to determine their level of participation and comfort.ALL details are in the registration information you will receive from Nadia Petriw – PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY. This HYBRID model has been developed to allow us flexibility should recommendations and guidelines change in the Lower Mainland. We know our musicians want to be together and to this end our Orchestra Manager, Nadia, has gone to great lengths to secure a fantastic location in South Arm United Church that will rent us spaces and is meeting all of the provincial health requirements. The in-person rehearsal schedule will be confirmed before September 26th as we continue to receive registrations and update our ensemble numbers. 

The graphic below shows how RDYO has made changes as required by the Provincial Health Office and British Columbia Centre for Disease Control to ensure your child’s safety while allowing for the best possible in-person rehearsal experiences. 

The explanation for each step is immediately below. Our updated safety plan will be sent out in the coming days after board approval. 

(from the COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 School Settings Document)

The RDYO Plan is informed by the above Provincial Health structure

All Public Health Orders are to be followed at all times

  1. Environmental Measures
    • South Arm United Church has been secured as our first in-person rehearsal location. They have a series of guidelines we must follow when in their space including hand sanitizing, following markings on the floor to guide physical distancing, and regular disinfecting practices.
    • Traffic flow in the buildings with separate one-way entrances and exits
    • Room capacities are determined to encourage physical distancing at all times
    • Regular cleaning and disinfecting with appropriate products. 
    • Cleaning rules with janitorial staff in place for the rooms we use
  2. Administrative (organization) measures
    • Division rehearsals will be scheduled with participants being limited to maximum 15 at a time (including the conductor and parent volunteer)
    • Rehearsals are scheduled to allow for cleaning and ventilation of the space between groups
    • Players will be generally grouped with the same students each week
    • Players will not arrive early for rehearsals, remain afterwards or socialize outside of the rehearsal time and space
  3. Personal measures
    • Anyone with symptoms of cold/flu/COVID is to stay home
      • Online symptom/health check prior to EVERY in-person rehearsal
      • Temperature check at entrance
    • Physical distancing at ALL times of 2 meters
    • Hand hygiene as indicated in the online plan
    • Upon entry, as necessary throughout the rehearsal
      • Individual musicians set up their own chair and stand
      • NO sharing of any materials
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (the least effective measure of health safety)
    • All participants in rehearsal will wear a mask
    • Conductors and administrators will have plexiglass barriers

These items will be highlighted in our safety plan which will be sent out in a document to all families in the coming days. We are preparing for another great year, and I have a couple other specific items to share with you before the season begins.

AGM – September 26th at 10:00am

Our AGM has been delayed until September 26th at 10am so that we have adequate time to prepare our plans and information. Please consider attending to share in the discussion with our board of directors. If you are unable to attend the meeting, notes and information will be posted to the myRDYO website (www.rdyo.ca/myrdyo

First Rehearsal

Our first rehearsal is this Saturday, September 19th. Please check the list below to confirm your rehearsal time. Zoom links will be sent by email. Please email admin@rdyo.ca if you have not received your zoom link.  


Symphony Orchestra 
10:00am – 11:00am 

Senior Strings 
9:30am – 10:30pm 

Intermediate Strings 
11:00am – 12:00pm 

Junior Strings 
1:00pm – 2:00pm 

Senior Winds 
1:30pm – 2:30pm 

Junior Winds 
12:30pm – 1:30pm 

Chamber Ensemble
11:15pm – 12:15pm


  • We are still looking for volunteers for Division Manager for each ensemble.
  • As a Division Manager, your responsibilities may include: email correspondence between conductors and students, managing parent volunteers in your division, supervising online Zoom rehearsals, setting up chairs, chaperoning students, and assisting in disinfecting chairs after rehearsals. 
  • These division manager tasks will be part of the available volunteer tasks for this year. Participating in these duties for part of the year will satisfy your volunteer requirement.
  • Please let me know if you are able to fill this role, as our ensembles cannot run smoothly without it. 
  • We are also looking for a librarian volunteer to assist in managing the library located at Brighouse United Church. Please let me know if this interests you and I can send you additional details. 

We, Your RDYO Board of Directors are looking forward to seeing all of you at our ZOOM Annual General Meeting at 10:00am on September 26th. We have a few positions on the executive to fill and really hope you will consider putting your name forward to assist us in a year that will generate unique memories that will last a lifetime.


Sarah Xie

President (on behalf of the RDYO Board)

RDYO 第一次彩排更新 September 17, 2020


今年是RDYO成立五十週年,我們很高興可以和你們分享關於這一學年的排練安排。衷心地希望你們在順利開學的同時,能夠為我們本學年第一次排練-9月19日,週六 做好準備。這一學年雖然與以往大不一樣,但是我們的指揮,管理團隊將會與您-樂團以及家長們一起,迎來難忘又特別的學年。

 在我們發出的上一份郵件當中,提到了將會選用線上線下結合教學來保證學生與家長們的健康安全,以及給予家長學生根據自己的需要及喜好自主權選擇參與排練的方式,所有關於註冊的細節將會由Nadia Petriw以郵件方式通知各位。請仔細閱讀以下內容,線上線下相結合的排練方式將會根據本地政府的指引作出相應的改變。我們知道學生們非常希望可以與其他人一起面對面排練,Nadia為我們找到了南阿爾姆聯合教堂作為排練地點,該地點符合政府所要求的重啟健康清潔指引。由於每個組別參與的人數目前還在更新中,線下排練詳細時間表將會與9月26前確定並通知大家。

下圖顯示RDYO 根據省政府健康部門以及疾控中心指引,為最大限度保證學生安全作出的一些改變。




  1. 環境要求
    • 第一次線下排練地點確定在南阿爾姆聯合教堂。該教堂要求進入建築物前要消毒雙手、跟隨地面社交安全距離指引標籤以及保持社交距離
    • 我們將會使用單獨入口以及出口進出教堂
    • 室內最大客容量將根據社交安全距離設定
    • 定期使用正確產品進行清潔以及消毒
    • 清潔工將會根據清潔規定清理以及消毒我們使用的房間
  2. 管理(團體)措施
    • 每一個組別線下排練將會限制在15人以內(包括1名指揮以及家長志願者)
    • 線下排練時間表將需根據兩組排練間的清潔需時進行編排
    • 每次線下排練學生們將會與固定的組員一起
    • 學生將需準時到達場地以及僅在其排練時間使用場所,禁止在非排練時間在教堂場地徘徊。
  3. 個人措施
    • 任何個人出現 感冒/發燒/新冠肺炎 症狀,不得參加線下排練
      • 每次線下排練前須在網上填寫健康申報表個
      • 進入室內前測量體溫
    • 隨時保持2米社交距離
    • 清潔消毒雙手
    • 進入教堂前或在排練中的需要
      • 每個學生將需要自己擺放椅子以及譜架
      • 禁止分享任何物件
  4. 個人防護裝備
    • 每位線下排練學生需要佩戴口罩
    • 指揮、行政人員面前會設立透明擋板


AGM-年會 9月26日上午10點


First Rehearsal 第一次排練


 Symphony Orchestra  10:00am – 11:00am 
 Senior Strings  9:30 am – 10:30pm 
 Intermediate Strings  11:00am – 12:00pm 
 Junior Strings  1:00pm – 2:00pm 
 Senior Winds  1:30pm – 2:30pm 
 Junior Winds  12:30pm – 1:30pm 
 Chamber Ensemble 11:15pm – 12:15pm


  • 我們還在為每一個組別尋找小組管理者。
  • 作為小組管理者,您可能需要: 通過郵件方式聯絡指揮以及學生,管理您所在組別的家長志願者,監督您所在組別的線上排練,線下排練時監督學生排練前擺放椅子、保持安全距離以及排練後收好所用物品。
  • 以上部分小組管理者職務將會作為本年度志願者需求,在本學年中,參與部分工作將會滿足該年度所需志願者時間。
  • 如您有興趣參與其中的一些工作,請聯繫我,這將會保證我們線下排練順利進行
  • 我們同時也在尋找圖書管理員幫助管理我們儲存在BUC的樂譜,如有興趣請聯繫我,我會與您分享更多的細節


2020/21 Season Update September 2, 2020

Hello RDYO Families!

We are excited to welcome you back to our RDYO 2020/21 season. We are still finalizing the details on our re-opening and safety plans and rehearsal schedule, but we are working towards a hybrid rehearsal model including both in-person and online rehearsals, or only online options for those families who choose to not participate in-person.

Check out our registration page and please pay your tuition fees for this season. If you have any questions about your tuition, please email admin@rdyo.ca.

Please mark these dates in your calendar:

– September 12: Video Audition Submission deadline (If you want to move up to the next division, please check the audition page to submit your video)

– September 19: First Rehearsal (online) – A welcome meeting and rehearsal for musicians and conductors.

– September 19: Annual General Meeting (online) – We will be sharing a lot of important information about the upcoming season, as well as electing the new Board of Directors. If you would like to get more involved with RDYO, this is your chance! We have several vacancies on the Board, and we are always excited to have new parents join us at the table.

– September 30: Deadline to pay tuition and volunteer deposits

RDYO 2020 Virtual Performance Projects July 1, 2020

Our musicians and conductors worked incredibly hard to create a variety of virtual performance projects, and we are excited to share them with you! Check out all of our ensemble videos below and we look forward to bringing you live performances again soon.

Senior Winds & Symphony Orchestra

Our first Zoom meeting! April 3, 2020

Come join your conductor and ensemble peers online this Saturday, April 4th for the first RDYO Zoom meeting! Chamber Ensemble will be online from 12:30pm-12:55pm. We hope to see you then.

The link to access and password have been emailed to you. Please use a recognizable name as your username so that you can be admitted to the online chat. If you did not receive the login information, please email admin@rdyo.ca.

RDYO COVID-19 Update March 22, 2020

With the constantly changing health situation in BC and Canada, RDYO board of directors and staff have made the decision to cancel rehearsals for all ensembles until further notice. Our concern right now is the safety and health of our musicians and families, and although our ensembles fall within the current group guidelines, we are following the school districts and City of Richmond in their closures as well. In line with BC’s ban on gatherings of more than 50 people, we are also cancelling our April and May concerts. We recognize how disappointing this will be to our musicians, our conductors, and all our families. 

Our president, Sarah, emailed families on Monday, March 16th with an update, and it has come to my attention that not all families received this email. As the situation continues to change, we will send at least weekly emails to maintain communication with our families. I am looking into the issue with our email lists, but please check our website for up to date information as well (under the MyRDYO tabs). 

Regarding our annual Scholarship Competition, we are planning to go forward with it in an online format! I will be sending out instructions regarding making a video audition, and how to upload it, as well as the required excerpts by Monday, March 23. We look forward to this new format, and being able to connect with our musicians in this way. Our conductors are also working on other ideas for connecting online while maintaining our social distance. Stay tuned!

Decisions about our end of season plans and final concert will be announced as soon as we can. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything in this email, or something I haven’t addressed, please do not hesitate to contact Robert at admin@rdyo.ca or Nadia at manager@rdyo.ca.

Weather Conditions – Rehearsals As Scheduled January 18, 2020

After checking the weather reports and road conditions, rehearsals will continue as scheduled today. If you are still uncertain about making it to rehearsals safely, please let your division manager know you will be absent. Please take your time driving to rehearsal today, and we look forward to seeing you all!

Please bring a friend to rehearsal!

Any concerns can be emailed to admin@rdyo.ca

Music Development Camp October 6, 2019

Information Sheet and Packing List: Click Here

Cabin List: Click Here

Bus List: Click Here

If you have any questions about the Music Development Camp, please contact Nadia or Robert.

October is here! October 2, 2019

Camp Stillwood

  • We are busy preparing for our annual Music Development Camp at Camp Stillwood from October 11-13. 
  • If you want to take the bus, please ensure you bring the $35 payment to the admin table at Brighouse United Church on Saturday from 9am-2pm. This guarantees your ride to camp! 
  • Please submit your consent forms to the admin table at BUC or via email to admin@rdyo.ca
  • The schedule and packing list will be sent out later this week. 
  • A few more volunteer tasks to assist with camp have also been posted. Please sign up!   
  • If you have any questions about camp, please do not hesitate to contact Robert or Nadia. 

Purple T-shirts

  • Our new shipment of purple t-shirts arrived! They are $11 each, and can be purchased from the admin table at BUC on Saturday from 9am-2pm.
  • All camp attendees will need a purple t-shirt for the final concert
  • All ensembles will need this shirt for outreach concerts throughout the year

Ticket Package

  • If you purchased the ticket package as part of your registration this year, please come to the admin table at BUC to pick up your voucher. This voucher will allow you to pick up your tickets throughout the year. 

Concerto Competition