Greta Cornejo





Greta Cornejo has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the National University of Mexico (UNAM). She works as the Education Program Coordinator for School of Sweet Georgia, an online platform to learn the textile arts, such as knitting, spinning, weaving, and more.

Her role at her work is to deliver the best content to learn remotely. Her experience includes working with teachers in helping them develop & deliver their courses in video, ensuring the workbooks, patterns, and class kits support the student’s learning as well as the community.

She is passionate about lifelong learning. She was exposed as a kid to music through classes in the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico & in the Superior School of Music, Coyoacan, Mexico City where she studied harp as a kid. She attended weekly concerts growing up as her sister became a professional violist. 

Music runs deep in her family, her grandfather was a piano teacher and both her sister and brother in law are professional violists for the Orquesta de Culiacan, Mexico.

Learning music as a kid really expands our possibilities as performers, cooperating to create something bigger than what we can create by ourselves. She dreams of a future where learning and enjoying music is accessible to all children and grown-ups.