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This page is dedicated to the memory of Fred Preuss (1915 – 1997)

The Delta Symphony Society was formed and registered as a non-profit Society in 1971 by five music loving Delta citizens: Harry Gomez, Fred Preuss, Charles Glushka, Anita Sleeman, and Aileen Docherty. The objective of the DSS is to foster, encourage, and support music, musical projects and activities in Delta. These objectives were reached through the creation of the Delta Youth Orchestra and the Delta Conservatory of Music. (now known as the Delta Community Music School)
Under the musical direction of Mr. Harry Gomez, a well-known music teacher and conductor of youth orchestras, the Delta Youth orchestra started in 1971 with 36 players in the orchestra. In 1974 a second orchestra under the baton of David Larson was formed to accommodate players who had the talent to play in an orchestra, but were not ready for the more advanced senior division. This expansion of the Delta Youth Orchestra was continued a year or so later by the creation of the Junior Strings, conducted by Lorraine Ovenell (Grescoe).

In July 1974 the Founders of the Delta Symphony Society – Mr. Harry Gomez, Mr. Fred Preuss, Mr. Charles Glushka, Mrs. Anita Sleeman and Mrs. Aileen Docherty were appointed Honorary Life Members of the Society. In 1977, Mrs. Eva Preuss, who had been Personnel Manager for the Senior Division since the founding, was made an Honorary Member. At the same time she was officially appointed Historian for the Society. Mr. Derek Thomson, Past President of the Society, was appointed an Honorary Member in 1978 for his outstanding services. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kennel, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Gomez and Mrs. Louise Laeser were made Honorary Members of the Society in recognition for their outstanding and long services.
(source: DSS newsletter – Eva Preuss)

History – 1971 – 1995

The Gomez Years ~ ¨The Orchestra with a future¨

The Delta Youth Orchestra first rehearsed at 2:00 pm. on the afternoon of Saturday September 11, 1971 in the then new Delta Community Centre in Ladner. more=>

Our 35th Anniversary
In 2007 we cellebrated our 35th anniversary with a special concert on the Victoria Day weekend. Orchestra members joined with Alumni to present a special concert dedicated to our previous music directors including Harry Gomez, Lloyd Blackman, and Wallace Leung.

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