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Our Delta Youth Orchestra webpage was first created by Iain Staveley in the fall of 1995, making it actually one of the first youth orchestras in Canada to have a website.  Conductor Stephen has been looking after it since rebuilding the site and launching it on April 5, 1997 and hosting it on Geocities.  The original site was built for Netscape 1.0. with html in a plain text editor.

Special thanks to the photography work of Jason Chang in recent years. You will find many of his images on this site. Also thanks to Randy Dueck for his inspiration and design work in 2012. Special thanks to Ruby Mawira for being our official photographer during the early 2000’s   Also thanks to our unofficial photographers Jenson Luk, Ted Hopkins, Richard Juren and Stephen Tran for providing photos of DYO events that have been used on various posters and this website. Thanks to DYO Alumni Courtney Gee for our 2004 logo design. Thanks to Martha Storey for helping with web design and layout during summer 2003. Thanks to long time DYO alumni Colin Percival for assisting with server hosting in during 2000-01, and for his advice in setting up and creating this website.

Scanned images on these pages were provided by members of the Delta Symphony Society for use on this website. All scanned photographic images on these pages are owned by members of the Delta Symphony Society, and may not be reproduced without permission.

Comments are welcome. If you would like to add or contribute something to our site, drop us a line. Thanks for stopping by.

Stephen Robb

The wee history of our little spot in cyberspace.

Check out the wayback machine at to see old versions of our website. (and other websites)

September 2016 – Our new student page – info for orchestra members
October 2015 – FAQ pages update, rdyorchestra now on instagram.
October 2014 – new FAQ pages and installation of Google Calendar.
August 2014 – launch of new website, based on wordpress platform, using Avada theme
Joined Twitter  @RDYOrchestra May 19, 2013
March 2013 – new logo design by Marian Hangiu, edited by Stephen
April 2012 – new website based on wordpress platform.created with assistance from Randy Dueck

Joined Facebook – September 2, 2010 – welcome to social media!
June 2010 – New website based on a WordPress theme
Summer 2009 – web updates with photos and new sound files
August 2008 – redesign using css navigation and layout.
April 2007 – 10th anniversary of website, Hard to believe that I have been working on this thing for so long..
new DYO logo designed by Courtney Gee – implemented Sept. 2004
new site design and interface, complete rewrite of site – summer 2003

installation of ezmemu javascript menus for site navigation
Site redesign – new index page – August 2002
Addition of Wallace Leung Memorial pages – January 2002
Webhosting by– July 4, 2001

Guestgear added to the site – January 21, 2001
Launch of – September 10, 2000
move to server and to space provided by
Colin Percival – begin September 10, 2000
GeoCities site still primary site till further notice.
Site redesign underway with using Macromedia Flash 4 – summer 2000
Search engine added to site – July 13, 2000
Site redesign, new graphical interface – July/August 1999
AP Wire services added to Inside Music page. – March 12/99
Online Affiliates Page installed March 10/99
New banners, graphics installed – Jan. 31/99
DYO Bookstore created in conjunction with – Nov. 30/98
shorter URL, now added – Nov. 9.98
New search engine page using Javascript – Nov. 10/98
Site navigation using frames (optional) from main page – Oct. 5/98
Creation of subdirectories on Geocities server – July 19/98
Installed new GeoCities Guestbook – July 6/98
Creation of electronic mailing list – April 1998
Delta Community Music School now has its own website as of April 1998
JavaScript codes added – March 19/98
Creation of the Online Message Centre – March 3/98
Webpage Stats are being kept using WebTracker ‘cookies’ – Jan 11/98
Our Archive recordings are now available in RealAudio (TM) format.
On Oct.8/97 We became a GeoCities Featured Page!
As of Sept.25/97 Delta Community Music School is now online as a part of this website.
On Sept.2 1997 This web site was awarded the Vienna Award by Geocities.
Thanks to Carla Bell, Mr. Sanford, and Mr. Cheung for providing scanned images for our webpage.
Our staff and tour pages now have been updated with pictures.
Creation of Delta Youth Orchestra Homepage on GeoCities server – April 5, 1997 is now defunct.